Roffey Park Digital 1

Our Approach to Digital Learning

No one learns anything by watching a screen or reading content. Our approach to digital learning is based on the same principles as our face-to-face learning. We use the same facilitation and group dynamics approaches as we do in the classroom. This gives your people an impactful learning experience that engages them as part of the learning process, makes them active participants and related to their context and needs.

Programmes are designed to generate collaboration, discussion and co-creation of action and practice.

Learning is underpinned by our research, expertise, and experience over 75 years

Our learning is never generic, it is always driven by learner needs and context

We use our digital technology to provide an environment where participants can learn collaboratively, develop ideas, share practice and develop models of thinking relevant to their work and organisation.

Embedded in our approach to learning is the belief that context drives skills acquisition and interpersonal behaviours. We encourage learners to become educators, of themselves and each other, as part of their experience with us

Our digital learning offering

We provide open, in-house and tailored digital training and executive education programmes delivered in 60-90 minute modules. We also offer team and individual online coaching to embed learning, enable transfer to action and strengthen productivity.

Our Digital Learning Platform

All participants have access to their course page through our Learning Management System (LMS) which is available whenever and wherever they need it. Each course page contains access to programme materials, required reading or pre-work, and any appropriate assessments or digital badges, as well as access to each digital learning module.

We use Zoom or WebEx to deliver facilitate our online classrooms. Your security and privacy is fundamental and enforce protection from unintended guests or tampering by:

  • Setting up a unique password for each meeting
  • Requiring registration from attendees to all our meetings – which allows our facilitators to produce a list of expected participants
  • Enabling waiting rooms, to provide the opportunity for our facilitators to check anyone joining  the meeting against the confirmed list of participants, and only allow admittance once approved.
  • Enabling room locking, to ensure that permission to enter the meeting is declined once the session has started and all participants are in

We are Roffey Park online, collaborative, action oriented, context driven;

We are not online generic learning