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Why Roffey Park Institute?

Roffey Park Institute primes organisations to build business skills for everyone, everywhere.

We provide distance, digital, blended, and face-to-face programmes, diagnostics and research services around the world to develop individuals, teams and organisations. Our work is driven by our core purpose of breaking down barriers within organisations making workplaces the best they can be.

Roffey Park Institute delivers high impact learning in leadership development, management development, change and resilience, organisational learning, organisational development and HR. We offer open programmes, and qualifications from Diploma to Masters and conduct international research both for our clients and to fulfil our charitable purpose. We help your people, understand, create and perform better, together. Connect with us and start your journey.

What’s the Roffey Park Difference?

We help you realise your collective, organisational potential

We develop employees, managers, leaders, HR and OD professionals to navigate organisational life, challenge the status quo and support each other through change.

Your people will emerge from our programmes more collaborative, resilient, influential and with greater emotional intelligence.  They will be more empowering, engaging, and inspiring and able to better harness the power and potential of their people.

We deliver powerful and immersive learning

Our first-class group dynamics approach transforms people and organisations for the better. Our programmes go beyond just theory. They are designed to generate collaboration, discussion and the co-creation of action and practice. Embedded in our approach to learning is the belief that context drives skills acquisition and interpersonal behaviours. We encourage learners to become educators, of themselves and each other, as part of their experience with us.

Every learner is individual

Our learning is never generic. It is driven by learner needs and context. That’s why we encourage participants to experiment with different approaches, find what works for them so they can make the behavioural changes needed back in their workplace.

It is not about us, it’s about you

Everything we do at Roffey Park Institute is dedicated to the best possible client and learning experience. We don’t offer you what you don’t need or want. We focus on enabling the change you need rather than simply delivering a solution.  To make sure that we do our Client Relationship Managers, Client Service Coordinators and Faculty teams will build a trusting and lasting partnership with you.

Underpinned by 75 years of research and practice

Our PULSE Learning approach places individuals, teams, and organisations at the centre. PULSE is the golden thread through all our programmes, services, and quality processes. Our research is action oriented, focused on context and underpinned by our belief in dialogue and exploration. All of this creates the #roffeyparkdifference.

If you want your people to perform better together then you need to talk to us.

Our Expertise