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My Roffey Park: Learning Resource Centre and Management System

As programme participants you will receive access to our Learning Resource Centre and Learning Management System.

Learning Resource Centre

In the Learning resource centre, you’ll find all the information you need on a range of specialist subjects from organisational development, leadership and management, to human resources and personal development. Participants on our training courses have access to LRC resources during their stay and for a further three months, through the LRC Knowledge Base, by personal visit, email or telephone. For those following qualification programmes, the LRC provides intensive support, from tracking down that elusive reference, to literature searches and obtaining obscure articles and books.

You will always receive a high level of personal attention ensuring information searches are tailored to meet your individual needs. Membership of the LRC is open to everyone, for their own personal development. So whether you need specific information searches carried out for you by experts, access to books or learning resources via the Internet, or simply a tranquil environment to study – the LRC can help you.

LRC Knowledge Base

The LRC Knowledge Base provides members with virtual access to LRC resources:

  • Search for books, websites and journals, and request book loans (posted to UK only).
  • Link through to databases to search for articles; the databases are provided for personal non-commercial research only.
  • Browse a list of management links to recommended websites on a variety of management and development topics.

Participants on Roffey Park programmes and subscribing members to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) can access our library catalogue, which includes books, journals and links to web sites, in the following subject areas: Leadership and Management, Human Resources, Organisational Development, People Development and Personal Effectiveness.

To login to the LRC Knowledge Base click on the button below.

Learning Management System

To access Roffey Park’s learning platform, using the button below.

If you have any problems accessing these, please contact us.