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Executive Coaching

Unlock your potential, right here, right now.

Coaching is an active solution to support you to manage immediate challenges and explore solutions to critical questions. We provide individual executive coaching to leaders and managers across all levels of the organisation to:

  • Support managers and leaders to transition into a new role within the organisation by developing their capabilities to deal with the additional responsibilitieso
  • Develop leadership capabilities for high potentials to enable them to achieve their career potential
  • Support managers to achieve their full potential and be more effective in their role
  • Develop increased self-awareness and confidence
  • Provide remedial support

As a result of our Executive Coaching services, individuals have become more effective, more produtive, better decision-makers, more adept at developing strategic plans and ready for promotion or greater responsibility

Our Executive Coaching is delivered online, by telephone or face-to-face either as part of a individual personal development plan or as part of a tailored development programme

Our Executive Coaching Approach

Coaching centres around the relationship between the coach and coachee so we will discuss with you the type of coaching required and the scope before providing you with a selection of profiles based on your needs. We will offer you a free chemistry session so you are confident in the coach that you will be working alongside.

Our Executive Coaching is underpinned by Roffey Park’s guiding principles for coaching.

Our coaching packages are tailored to the individual, but a typical coaching programme will be as follows:

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Our Coaches

We have a network of accredited coaches located all over the world. They are experienced at working with managers and leaders at all levels and have worked within a broad range of sectors. Our international coaching team work across multiple timezones and cultures. They are independently accredited with a range of coaching bodies and are members of Roffey Park’s Coaching practice which means they meet our organisational standards of quality assurance and service delivery.

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