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Developing practical coaching skills for managers.

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Many organisations now include a blend of virtual, hybrid and distributed teams. This means that our approach to leading and developing must adapt so our teams remain relational and connected. Managing through coaching is now an essential skill for every manager.

Manager as Coach is a management style that offers more flexibility and range in building relationships, developing staff and maximising efficiency and productivity. It is about collaborating, working to build the strengths of your team, delegating more, talking less, listening more, and giving effective feedback. It is about understanding others at a deeper level which can lead to a more empowering and higher-performing culture.

This course is highly interactive and experiential. It will enable you to understand the fundamental principles, purpose, limitations and benefits of coaching as a management tool. Through our design, you will practise coaching skills for managers that will transform how you communicate, interact and grow your team. This approach develops staff, enhances team cohesion and supports productivity.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at:

  • Managers who want to develop coaching skills as part of their management practice
  • Those who want to empower others to get the best possible results organisationally and individually
  • Anyone who wants to develop stronger and better relationships with team members and stakeholders
  • You will understand the practical coaching skills needed to transform your management practice
  • You will have a confident understanding of the coaching models and processes and how to use these on a day-to-day basis
  • You will know how to use coaching skills to develop and build a high-performing team

Establishing relational connections is crucial for line managers to empower and encourage teams to be resilient and high-performing. As a result of this course, your managers will be able to use coaching skills to build the strength of their team allowing them to be better placed to adapt to challenges and disruption

Course Outline

  1. A five-half-day virtual course covering core coaching skills and knowledge
  2. You then return to your workplace to apply your learning
  3. One to two months later there are two half-day virtual practical coaching skills sessions to embed skills and learning. You will also receive a 25-minute coaching supervision session with an accredited coach
  4. The final assessment will be a recorded coaching session which will be evaluated and if successful will lead to a Roffey Park Institute certificate.
Diagram showing the outline for the Manager as Coach course

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All virtual half-day sessions start at 09:00 UK time

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*The price is net of any chargeable VAT.
Face-to-face course fees include accommodation, meals and materials.
We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities. Please contact our client services to find out more.

We can also deliver Manager as Coach as either an in-house programme for teams or as part of a wider, tailored development programme. For more information please contact us.

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