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This organisational design course equips you with the tools you need to lead and deliver change in a disrupted, uncertain business landscape.

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In the current climate, organisations and their people must be more adaptive and resilient than ever before. Faced with increasing global uncertainty, disruptive technologies and rapidly evolving expectations from both customers and employees, the need for enterprise-level change leaders who can continually perceive, understand and align the entire organisation to deliver against its purpose, live its values and achieve its strategic goals has never been so vital.

By developing practical skills in organisational design you will build confidence and capabilities to effectively plan the transition towards a new organisational model and help your business – and its people – respond dynamically to the opportunities of the future.

Whether you are new to this field or have some experience in organisational development, HR or change management, the fundamental question that this organisational design course has been designed to help you address is: what does it take to ‘do’ organisational design work successfully?

This programme is for you, if

  • You are a corporate leader, HR, organisational development or change manager seeking to build the organisational capabilities, behaviours and performance to deliver strategic intent
  • You want to understand the central concepts, models and methods of contemporary organisational design
  • You would like to foster the skills, practices and mindset required to successfully – and collaboratively – lead organisational design work
  • You want to develop confidence and competence in overcoming common challenges of design work
  • You want to know the impact of key business, environmental, political and technological shifts on 21st century organisations and what this means for organisational design
  • You want to create and maintain a network of peer practitioners to be drawn from, and share learning with, during and beyond the programme

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At the end of Leading Organisational Design, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to design an organisation to deliver its strategic intent
  • Take a strategic and systemic view of your organisation’s effectiveness and alignment
  • Apply the methods and practices of organisational design to create an implementable blueprint for increasing and sustaining business performance

Develop or enhance the ability of your organisation to adapt to changes in the external environment through a planned, integrated and coherent methodology that takes a macro and micro view of your organisational model. This highly practical and interactive programme equips your change leaders with the tools and perspective to support the desired shift in business performance and behaviours for greater organisational resilience.

Programme Outline

This organisational design course consists of eight modules.

Each module in the online programme consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions facilitated live with a 30 minute break in between.

Module 1: Introduction to Organisational Design

  • Demystifying organisational design
  • OD and OD?
  • Concepts and methods of organisational design
  • Competencies of organisational designers

Module 2: The Relationship Between Strategy and Structure

  • Linking strategy to design
  • Operating models and value chains
  • The role of structure in organisational design work

Module 3: Preparing for (Re)design

  • Current and future state
  • Working with core frameworks
  • Designing your organisation

Module 4: Organisational Alignment and Effectiveness

  • Phases of organisational design project
  • Setting design principles
  • Testing your design(s)
  • Planning for transition

Module 5: The Formal and Informal Organisation

  • Contracting with key stakeholders
  • The impact of culture
  • Working with organisational dynamics
  • Internal and external consulting

Module 6: Leading Change, Self and System

  • Strategic HR management
  • Leading in systems
  • Designing for sustainability, complexity and uncertainty
  • Creating a strategic narrative

Module 7: Making it real – the case for (re)design

  • Organisational design blueprint
  • Practitioner perspectives

Module 8: Organisation Design and the Future of Work

  • Contemporary perspectives in organisational design
  • Digital: what does it mean for organisational design?
  • Organisational network analysis

Not sure if this is the right organisational develoment course for you?

From understanding the basics of OD to leading strategic organisational development interventions that puts people in the centre, we’ve got an organisational development programme for you.

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Programme Dates and Fees

  • Online – There are eight modules in the programme, each one consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions facilitated live with a 30 minute break in between. There is a break between modules 2 and 3, modules 4 and 5 and modules 6 and 7
  • Sessions will begin at 09:00 (UK time). Check your local time here
Dates for Online ProgrammeFee

February 2022
Module 1: 2 February 2022
Module 2: 3 February 2022
Module 3: 16 February 2022
Module 4: 17 February 2022
Module 5: 9 March 2022
Module 6 : 10 March 2022
Module 7: 30 March 2022
Module 8: 31 March 2022

June 2022
Module 1: 6 June 2022
Module 2: 7 June 2022
Module 3: 27 June 2022
Module 4: 28 June 2022
Module 5: 18 July 2022
Module 6 :19 July 2022
Module 7: 10 August 2022
Module 8: 11 August 2022

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We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact our client services to find out more

COVID-19 Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic Roffey Park Institute is currently only taking bookings for virtual programmes. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and plan to offer face to face programmes in early 2022. We are also able to offer a range of facilitated, online learning modules on in-house or bespoke basis, please contact us to find out more.

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