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Team Coaching

Our team coaching services enable teams and groups to improve their performance by enhancing collaborative decision making, collective problem solving and developing their ability to support and challenge each other. Our team coaching service focuses on the connections between people and is not just group facilitation, action learning or team building. It is a powerful development tool to enable teams to work together and get things done

How it can help you?

  • Management teams or Boards who want to improve their performance and impact through increased collaboration
  • New management or Board groups because of restructuring, mergers or acquisitions who want to embed collaborative practice from the start.
  • Remote groups who want to retain and build their connection and collaborative cohesion
  • Teams who want to improve how they work together in service of their common goal.

Our approach to team coaching focuses on the individuals and their relationships as well as how it performs both within its organisation and with external stakeholders.

From working with organisations and teams we also recognise that high performance teams have common attributes and that a team who embed coaching as part of their work have a higher success rate than those who do not. Group coaching allows individuals to make sense of and create their own team narrative as they learn from personal reflection and with each other.

Where coaching is embraced by teams, they learn to hold each other accountable and can become self-managed. As a result, they can embrace change and ambiguity and succeed in modern organisational life.

Our Approach to Team Coaching

Our first-class group dynamics approach underpins our team coaching process. Using our four stage model, we bring teams together to talk, share and listen so they begin to understand how what they do impacts on the team. Space is created for teams to discuss, reflect and agree the change they need to make. This creates a positive team culture which shifts behaviours from being individual-centred to a team centred.

A diagram explaining Roffey Park's Group and Team Coaching approach

Our Coaches

We have a network of accredited coaches located all over the world. They are experienced at working with managers and leaders at all levels and have worked within a broad range of sectors. Our international coaching team work across multiple timezones and cultures. They are independently accredited with a range of coaching bodies and are members of Roffey Park’s Coaching practice which means they meet our organisational standards of quality assurance and service delivery.

Map showing location of Roffey Park's coaches

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