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Organisation Design and Development Essentials is a one-and-a-half-day course that explores the fundamentals of OD&D, and the nature of OD&D practice.  

From post-pandemic and hybrid workplaces to digitalisation and business transformations, many organisations are changing or adapting the way they work. 

The course introduces you to the role of the OD&D practitioner in leading and influencing organisational change and transformation; including the key skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to become one. 

Who is the course for?

  • Those that are in the field of HR, or learning and development, and want to understand their developmental needs within the context of an OD&D role 
  • Managers or leaders leading change and transformation projects who want to understand the essential concepts, skills and mindset necessary in the field of organisation design and development 
  • Those who wish to develop confidence and competence in managing the change process or to support their organisation’s business transformation initiatives 
  • Professionals that are simply curious about understanding what OD&D is and how it is used in organisations 
  • You will be able to describe the underpinning principles, values and essential concepts of OD&D, in relation to yourself and your organisational context 
  • You will grow your appreciation of the skills, capabilities and mindset of OD&D practitioners 
  • You will increase your knowledge of the different levels at which an OD&D practitioner can intervene and appropriate application and evaluation of a variety of intervention methods 
  • You will increase your knowledge and understanding of how to lead and influence change and manage transformations

As a result of this course, participants will have a greater understanding of organisation design and development. In practice, this will help them lead and support successful change and transformation projects 

Course Outline

  • Three half day virtual sessions


Virtual – March 2024

26 March 2024
27 March 2024
28 March 2024

Virtual – July 2024

2 July 2024
3 July 2024
4 July 2024


Virtual Programme

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We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact us to find out more.

We can also deliver Organisation Design and Development as either an in-house programme for teams or as part of a wider, tailored development programme. For more information please contact us.

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