HSD Professional Certification

Build Adaptive Capacity for yourself, your team, and your clients!

HSD Professional Certification 1


The radical turbulence of the last three years has proved that you need to:

  • Expect chaos and disruption
  • Rely on networks for information and support
  • Give up tried-and-true answers to stand in inquiry
  • Learn in action
  • Engage across differences
  • Strive for wellbeing for yourself and others
  • Respect and leverage the power of complexity

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) gives you concepts and tools to upgrade your practice today and to build your adaptive capacity as you prepare for whatever the future might bring.

Rooted in chaos and complexity theory, HSD helps you recognise unpredictable, emergent patterns in today’s social and economic systems. It gives you models for understanding complexity and methods to take adaptive action to influence change as it emerges from chaos and uncertainty. Associates around the world use HSD to:

  • Coach individuals and teams to be more agile and productive, even when they cannot predict or control the future.
  • Lead public and private institutions as they respond to stalled supply chains, radical weather events, the great resignation, and redesigned work paces and work forces.
  • Consult with companies and communities as they strive to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families, and communities.
  • Re-design systems of education at all levels to meet the needs of  people and the planet.

If you are in the business of making change, resolving conflict or helping teams and individuals work more effectively – HSD certification is a simple, but powerful, approach that will enable you to take informed action that delivers results.

Working in partnership with Human Systems Dynamics Institute, Roffey Park are offering the rare opportunity to work with Glenda Eoyang, founder of the field of HSD, in the UK.

The HSD Professional Certification provides:

  • Four months of face-to-face and online learning
  • Direct interaction with Glenda Eoyang and other experienced HSD Associates
  • A vibrant, online learning ecology of live webinars, forums, resources, dialogues, and social media
  • The opportunity to create change as you blend state-of-the-art HSD theory with your own on-the-ground, real-world practice
  • Collaboration with your learning group and your HSD-Certified Praxis Partner as you build your own unique approach

On completing the programme, you will:

  • Solve your most wicked problems
  • Encourage meaningful dialogue, work across silos and build stronger teams
  • Facilitate change more effectively and neutralise organisational dysfunction
  • Understand how to foster and implement a culture of change and innovation
  • Deal with uncertainty more effectively
  • Adapt and innovate to solve your most difficult challenges of leadership, collaboration, learning, planning and change management

As a certified HSD professional, you will also receive lifetime membership in the HSD Associate Network.

Who is this programme for?

HSD Certification is aimed at anyone with the responsibility of leading change, such as:

  • Chief Executives
  • HR Professionals
  • Organisational Change agents
  • Consultants
  • OD practitioners

Programme director

Glenda H. Eoyang PhD


Glenda isn’t just an HSD expert—she is the founder of the field. A master teacher with deep insights into the art and science of self-organizing systems. Dr. Glenda Eoyang applies principles of self-organizing to help people thrive in unpredictable environments. She has certified more than 900 Associates, forming a global network of HSD practitioners. Her published works include numerous scholarly and practical articles, and she has authored and co-authored five books: Coping with Chaos: Seven Simple Tools; Facilitating Organizational Change: Lessons from Complexity Science; Voices from the Field: An Introduction to Human Systems Dynamics; Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization; and Radical Rules for Schools: Adaptive Action and Complex Change.

“The combination of in-depth understanding of complexity and a set of highly practical simple tools is invaluable! For me, this was the missing piece I needed as an OD consultant supporting clients in leading and creating change in highly complex environments.”

Dr. Gillian Shapiro, Managing Director, Shapiro Consulting

Dates and Fees

21 – 25 November 2022

5 days of face-to-face learning at Roffey Park Institute, followed by 40 hours (over a period of four months) of independent action trying out HSD methods and models, reflecting and learning online in small groups and with the whole cohort.

£4,300 inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation*

€5,000 inclusive of all tuition fees, materials, meals and accommodation *

Early Bird Offer. Book before 21 September £3,440*

Early Bird Offer. Book before 21 September €4,000*

Special Rate for Not for Profit Organisations: £2,150*

Additional Sunday night accommodation before the programme is available at £99+VAT  

*The price is net of any chargeable VAT or GST