Internal Business Partnering Skills

Learn what it means to be a Business Partner and practise the skills you need for the world of work as it is today

Internal Business Partnering Skills 1


The concept of business partnering in organisations has been around for quite a while now especially in the field of HR. Increasingly, people working in other professionals have also been expected to take a business partnering approaches to providing organisational support and advice in areas such as IT and finance. The transition from advisor to business partner involves a whole mindset change in terms of the approach needed and the skills that need to be applied. Additionally, the world we find ourselves in now demands a level of flexibility and responsiveness previously unseen.  

Designed for those who are new to their business partnering role or who are looking to transition from adviser to Business Partner, on this programme you will learn what it means to be a Business Partner and the fundamental knowledge and skills that are required. You will also get an opportunity to put those skills into practice and reflect on your experience with the support of our team and a cohort of colleague learners from mixed disciplines. Using various tools and models you will understand your current position in relation to business partnering and form a plan for how you want to shift your practice. You will get the opportunity to test out those changes to your practice in your workplace with the support of other learners in an Action Learning Set environment.

Internal Business Partnering Skills Programme is available as an in-house programme only.

Why this programme, now?

In increasingly turbulent times, those of us working in professional and technical services are expected to be more flexible and responsive than ever before. With changing work practices, digitisation, and post pandemic changes in attitudes to work, the relationship between business partners and other parts of the business has never been more critical, nor more under stress. This is the drive behind the Business Partnering Skills programme. Business Partners must develop and evolve their practice to respond to the challenges they and their organisations face. Learning from each other and with expert facilitators, you will work on and practise the business partnering skills you need for the world of work as it is, today.

Who is this course for?

  • Newly appointed Business Partners from business support areas such as HR, Finance and IT.
  • People wanting to transition into a business partnering role in the near future.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key skills needed for the challenges you face today.
  • Use a toolkit of relational skills and approaches underpinned by simple, practical, and useable models.
  • Communicate and interact confidently as a business partner, with your team members and across your organisation.
  • Create value as a business partner by developing effective and trusting relationships.

Effective, agile and responsive internal service delivery is critical to how increasingly diverse organisations adapt to change, function and thrive. The ethos of business focussed partnering is the fundamental pillar of this Internal Business Partnering Skills programme leading to increased engagement, improved retention, and productivity, in an increasingly diverse workforce and agile environment

Course Outline

Internal Business Partnering Skills is structured as follows:

  1. A half-day launch delivered virtually
  2. The programme delivered as two days face-to-face or four half days virtually.
  3. Return to the workplace to apply learning for 1-2 months (including a self-facilitated action learning set).
  4. One half-day virtual follow-up session which includes presenting learning to colleagues and development planning

Contact us to find out more

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