Sticking Together - Building Organisational Networks

Sticking Together – Building Organisational Networks

Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 9.00 am

A masterclass in partnership with DPER Executive Talent Management Programme


This thought-provoking creative masterclass is designed to highlight the value of networks within and across organisations as a tool for sustainability, increased productivity and stronger organisational resilience.By combining concepts from the gaming and social interaction theory, leaders and managers can consider the role, function and dependency of human networks in a fresh and meaningful way.

The session is designed to allow for high levels of interaction, energy and fun. Using concepts from gaming, mapping tools and introducing the cast and roles of key players in your organisation, an approach to network building will be revealed. Through examples participants can consider key principles for understanding networks in their contexts. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in relevant practical activities, network and ask questions

What will you gain?

  • Novel ideas on networking derived from gaming and social interaction theory
  • Practical ideas and enhanced strategic organisational planning
  • Introduction to the use of mapping for building networks
  • Time to use the masterclass insights to think and plan
  • Ideas you can take back to your organisation

This is a virtual masterclass that will last for 90 minutes. To reserve your place, fill in the form below