SMU OD Webinar 5

Organisational Development, Change and Transformation

Why the values and practice of OD are crucial for the future of work

22 June 2022 at 17:00 SGT

Organisational Development, Change and Transformation

Digitisation, hybrid-working, fragile economies and public health concerns are just a snapshot of challenges facing organisations in a post-pandemic workplace.  To face the future with confidence, organisations need to respond quickly to enable their people to deal with change and transformation.  Establishing successful organisational development interventions will be crucial to this.

In this session, we will explore the values that underpin organisational development and how OD Practitioners embody these values in their day-to-day practice.  We’ll explore the foundations of the field of organisational development, discuss global perspectives and consider how this impacts the values and practice of doing OD in a contemporary workplace.   If you are responsible for developing human capital strategies or responsible for change in your organisation, then join this webinar and share your perspective with an audience of your peers.

This webinar is a collaboration between SMU, who is at the forefront of supporting organisations in meeting their upskilling and reskilling goals, and Roffey Park Institute, an international centre of excellence in organisational development.

Roffey Park and SMU’s Academy’s Advanced Certificate in Organisational Development, a 6-module programme, is open for registration now.

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About the Facilitator

Photo of Graham Curtis

Dr Graham Curtis
Director of Roffey Park Academy

Graham’s focus is on supporting people and organisations to be the best they can possibly be through maximising their potential.

Graham has over 25 years of experience, working in the UK and internationally. He has designed and led the delivery of global leadership and management development programmes in the UK, Nigeria, Kenya and Columbia aimed at supporting and challenging participants to reflect on their practice and their relationships with their teams. He has
also led global transformation programmes, supporting organisations to deliver more distributed and diverse governance and leadership.

Graham’s approach to understanding the development needs of leaders and organisations was forged in his early career in operational leadership and management. Having completed his MSc in People and Organisational Development at Roffey Park in 2009 he went on to hold numerous senior roles, leading Organisational Development and Human Resource functions. More recently he completed the Doctor of Management Programme at the University of Hertfordshire, During his doctoral research he took up theories of complex responsive processes of relating to understand the role of the OD practitioner in organisational culture and change.