Organisational Development Essentials Programme

This OD essentials course explores the basics of organisational development and the skills, knowledge and mindset you need. Facilitated by OD experts

Introduction to OD: Organisational Development Essentials 2

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This organisational development course is delivered as a one day programme or virtually as a series of 90 minute digital learning sessions.


OD essentials is a one-day organisational development programme which explores the fundamentals of Organisation Development, its history and the nature of OD practice.  The programme provides an introduction to the function of OD and the role of the OD practitioner; including the key skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to become one.

This organisational development course consists of four learning modules delivered either as a one day programme or delivered virtually as a series of 90 minute digital learning sessions:

  • History of OD
  • My role in OD
  • Levels and Types of Interventions
  • Adaptive Action in OD

This programme is for you if:

  • You identify as working within the field of OD but aren’t yet comfortable with being called an ‘OD Practitioner’
  • You are in the field of HR or learning and development and want to understand your development needs within the context of an OD role
  • You are manager or leader leading change projects and are curious about how OD can help you in managing the change management process
  • You are simply curious about understanding what organisational development is and how it is used in organisations.

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At end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe the underpinning principles, practice, aims and values of OD, in relation to yourself and your context.
  • Understand and reflect on your OD Role and your current levels of knowledge and experience.
  • Increase knowledge of the different levels at which an OD Practitioner can intervene and appropriate application of a variety of intervention methods.
  • Explore OD in the context of culture, patterns and your organisation.

Participants will return to their organisation with an understanding of organisational development in practice to help them lead change projects or grow their practice in an OD role.

The programme had a really great vibe despite being online. There was a great balance of taught delivery and discussions in breakouts. I really appreciated the structure of delivering an introduction to lots of ideas in the session, with really helpful additional resources to go deeper and reflect on the learning.

There was such great content and I feel I have a really deep well to draw from now and continue my learning.

I can now start to implement some OD ideas and integrate these with my own ways of working. I will also consider whether there’s some tools here that can be spread wider in our organisation to create a consistent approach to tackling change

Claire Gregory, OD Specialist , The Children’s Society.

Module Details

History of OD

  • Describe the foundational principles, aims and values of OD practice
  • Define OD for you and your context
  • Identify any gaps in application of the OD Cycle

My Role in OD

  • Reflect on where you are now as an OD practitioner and how you want to develop
  • Examine unconscious bias and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda in relation to our practice

Levels and Types of Interventions

  • Identify and examine the levels at which you intervene in your current organisation
  • Demonstrate understanding of a range of OD interventions and appropriate use of facilitation as a key method

Adaptive Action in OD

  • Demonstrate an understanding of organisational culture
  • Identify and articulate patterns within your culture

Not sure if this is the right organisational develoment course for you?

From understanding the basics of OD to leading strategic organisational development interventions that puts people in the centre, we’ve got an organisational development programme for you.

Dates and Fees

  • One day organisational development programme
  • Online option is a series of four 90 minute digital learning sessions.
  • Online sessions will begin at 09:00 (UK time). Check your local time here
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August 2022
Module One and Two : 18 August 2022
Module Three and Four: 19 August 2022

November 2022
Module One and Two : 16 November 2022
Module Three and Four: 17 November 2022

June 2023
Module One and Two : 14 June 2023
Module Three and Four: 15 June 2023

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