Developing Organisational Adaptability in a Complex World

Developing Organisational Adaptability in a Complex World 2

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How can organisations be more future-looking, read and act on signals of change and experiment to thrive and to attract and retain talent?

COVID-19 created a sweeping wave of changes to all organisations for the last 18 months. With new measurements and guidelines changing ever so constantly, 1/3 of companies in Singapore think that they cannot sustain their business in the next 12 months and research also shows that more than 49% of employees in Singapore are saying that they will leave their organisation within the year, with reasons attributing but not limited to, workplace flexibility, leader’s engagement with employees and the exhausted workforce.

How can organisation balance between work flexibility and the constant urge to monitor employees’ output when we cannot see each other face to face?

These changes also brought forward the issues of flexible and the hybrid workplace, and although 83% of Singaporeans want a mix of remote and in-person working,  Singapore workers were also surveyed to find more likely to work with a manager who actually allows lesser flexibility as they fear that they are judged for working on flexible hours.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a paradigm shift in organisations, breaking established, almost unquestioned procedures and mindsets on ways of working. HR now has a vital role to play and has the opportunity to look at the longstanding HR policies which are no longer in-sync and adapt to the new reality of work. Whilst OD practitioners can also be aware and take these new needs into consideration and apply the change process within the organisation.

Join us, with other HR Professionals, OD practitioners and business leaders in our virtual lunch time talk event on 29 October 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 (SGT)

We will discuss the adaptability of an organisation during change and how you, your team and your organisation can better response to them. We will explore:

Developing Organisational Adaptability in a Complex World 1

What would help organisations thrive in the complex world of uncertainty?

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How can leaders contribute to these conditions?

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What could be stopping organisations from adapting?

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How can we support our organisations to build stronger ogranisational adaptability?

The session has been designed so you will gain some key insights, have the opportunity to hear about others’ experiences through facilitated discussions, and have some take aways which you can put into practice

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