Women in Leadership : Going Beyond Rhetoric into Action

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25 May 2022 from 9:00am – 10:00am (Singapore time)

This year’s International Women Day message, #BreakTheBias, brings to light how various organisations are placing more emphasis and effort on empowering women in the workplace, and reducing gender-based discrimination. The acknowledgment of women colleagues and the empowerment of women in the workplace enquires awareness beyond International Women Day. Making #breakthebias a part of our everyday activities, is the key to its success.

In March, we conducted two Women in Leadership panel discussions, in both APAC and Europe, to discuss “Break the Bias”. Inspired by the shared experiences, and the initiatives companies are pursuing, Roffey Park Institute embarked on a Women in Leadership whitepaper.

In this event we will be discussing the findings from the whitepaper and some best practices organisations can adopt.

Some of the key topics we will discuss include;

How can top-down cultural change pave the way for polices to enact inclusivity across the whole organisation?

How can men be brought into the conversation more actively?

How can HR leaders identify policies and practices which may contribute to bias or inhibit diverse candidates from advancing into leadership positions?

How can data play an important role in highlighting challenges and create a more equal workplace?

How can line managers support inclusivity?

What types of support can HR provide to empower women and build resilience? 

As a follow up to our Women in Leadership Navigator Forum, we are inviting you to join us in a 60-minute fire side chat with the author of the whitepaper and an open discussion around these questions and our insights.  We will explore how employers can go beyond the rhetoric and do more to recognise women’s contribution to the organisation.

A complementary copy of the Women in Leadership whitepaper will be sent to all the participants after the event.

This is a free of charge event for leaders, HR, L&D and OD Professionals. Fill in the form below to register.

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