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- transformational leadership practice with and through others

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We deliver this programme face to face at one of our venues in the UK, Ireland and Singapore. You can check dates and availability on this page or contact us


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Organisations need high performance leadership to encourage, inspire and motivate their teams to grow and shape its future success.  High performing leaders are those that understand how to lead and develop other leaders, to tap into their collective potential to influence strategy and deliver on change.  This means creating a culture of trust, empowerment and ownership where problems are solved quickly, and innovation is encouraged.

Leadership for High Performance is a leadership programme that develops the skills of dialogue and working with complexity, negotiating and delivering on promises through the work of high performing teams.  The programme design helps participants to refine their established leadership practice and encourage leadership in others in the service of a common purpose.

This course is for you if…

  • You are already a leader of other leaders either as a head of function, department or division
  • You are a senior manager anywhere in the world where interaction with other people is a key element of your role
  • You are a highly skilled technical or project manager who wants to be more effective by improving collaboration and engagement with their team
  • You are a leader working in a matrix structure and wants to understand how to develop their leadership practice across boundaries
  • You are ready for the next step in your career and need to broaden and deepen your leadership skills and capabilities
  • Encourage leadership in others rather than followership
  • Influence senior stakeholders to shape organisational strategy
  • Develop a high performing team
  • Begin to develop the behaviours you need to be successful in your organisation’s culture and context as an authentic leader

This leadership development programme equips your senior leaders to be more effective at implementing strategies and leading change, building stronger relationships with their network and be able to build high performance by fostering greater collaboration and motivation towards a common purpose.

Programme Outline

Leading for High Performance consists of 8 learning modules plus a 90-minute follow-up session six weeks after the last module has been completed.

The online programme is facilitated live over the course of four half days, two 90-minute modules per day with a 30 minute break in between.  The programme is also delivered as a two-day classroom programme.  Both online and classroom programmes include a 90-minute follow up session, held online, in which participants track how they have embedded the learning from the programme.

Implementing organisational strategy through clarity

Articulate a strategic vision and objectives to empower and engage your team in action.

Delivering strategy through high performing teams

Understand how critical thinking and reflective practice can enable your team to work together more efficiently in pursuit of clear organisational goals.

Transition, change and resilience

Identify the implications and impact of change on your team’s resilience and how to support people through change and transformation.

Balancing organisational tensions and paradoxes

Understand the tensions that exist within your organisation and develop strategies to deal with these tensions positively to minimise their negative effects.

Distributed leadership

Develop a distributed leadership practice that creates shared accountability and trust with those around you.

Navigating and collaborating across the systems

Identify systems thinking and map the interconnected systems in your organisation to understand how they can contribute to organisational effectiveness.

Leveraging networks and communities

Create a map of key stakeholders and influencers in your networks and communities and identify opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Learning through innovation and experimentation

Understand a growth mindset, dealing with failure and the tools to use to create a culture of innovation without a fear of failure.

Programme Dates and Fees

Online – this programme is facilitated live over the course of 4 half days, two modules per day. Sessions start at 9am (GMT). The first module will run for 90 minutes with a 30 minute break, followed by the second module.

Dates for online programmeFee
February 2021 programme
Modules 1 & 2: 16 February
Modules 3 & 4: 19 February
Modules 5 & 6: 22 February
Modules 7 & 8: 24 February

June 2021 programme
Modules 1 & 2: 8 June
Modules 3 & 4: 11 June
Modules 5 & 6: 15 June
Modules 7 & 8: 18 June

We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact our client services to find out more


Roffey Park is taking bookings for face-to-face programmes. You can book in confidence, safe in the knowledge that if government restrictions prevent your attendance, we will transfer you to an online version of programme. We are also able to offer a range of facilitated, online learning modules on an open, in-house or bespoke basis, please contact us to find out more.

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