Leadership Essentials Course

Develop the behaviours and skills relevant to successfully lead your organisation.

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The context of leadership has changed. Workforces are dispersed and virtual and digitisation is changing who does what, where and how. Environmental and social challenges are reshaping organisations by the day. Do not get left behind.

Leaders must now span time and space as their teams become increasingly more dispersed. Equally, the day-to-day need for guidance, coaching and managing has never been more important. That is why the Leadership Essentials course offers a model of practical action, to ready you for your own context.

Learners leave armed and equipped with a toolbox of personal and interpersonal skills and processes ready to respond to the rapidly evolving world of work.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at:

  • Managers who are new in their post and need to understand their role as a leader
  • Relatively experienced first-level managers and leaders who are looking for new answers to the challenges of their role
  • An experienced leader whose context has changed. You need new applications of skills and behaviours that work in this new context
  • You will be ready to equip an effective, practical and usable model of leading and managing
  • You will have a confident understanding of the tools and techniques of communication, interaction and engagement
  • You will learn how to build common purpose, values and commitment
  • You will understand how to use your power, personal presence and influencing skills positively
  • You will develop impressive critical and reflective thinking skills enabled through dialogue and engagement

Effective leadership is crucial in generating high performance and healthy work cultures. On completion of the course, your new leaders will understand the behaviours and skills relevant to their organisation and longer-term development. They will have increased confidence in their leadership ability and as this confidence grows so will their personal potential and the potential of their teams. Your organisational performance and capacity for change will improve as a result

Course Outline

  1. An initial two-day face-to-face or four-half-day virtual course that covers the skills and knowledge you require to be an effective leader
  2. You then return to your workplace to apply your learning
  3. One month later, working together, your group and facilitator will share experiences, identify topics for practice and use various techniques to refine and improve your skills
leadership essentials course diagram

Venue for Face-to-Face Courses

All face-to-face courses are held at Roffey Park’s purpose-built venue which is set in 40 acres of rural Sussex Countryside just five minutes from the M23 and 20 minutes from London Gatwick Airport & Crawley, 10 minutes from Horsham.


All virtual half-day sessions start at 09:00 UK time

Face to Face : July 2023

6 – 7 July 2023
11 August 2023 – Virtual
18 August 2023 – Virtual

Virtual : September 2023

12 September 2023
15 September 2023
19 September 2023
22 September 2023
24 October 2023
27 October 2023

Face to Face : December 2023

4 – 5 December 2023
9 December 2023 – Virtual
16 December 2023 – Virtual



*The price is net of any chargeable VAT.
Face-to-Face course fees include accommodation, meals and materials.
We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities. Please contact our client services to find out more.

We can also deliver Leadership Essentials as either an in-house programme for teams or as part of a wider, tailored development programme. For more information please contact us.

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