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Focus on key things that will make a big difference to your influence and impact, enabling you to flourish. This programme is a redesign of our Personal Effectiveness and Power Programme.

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Having influence and creating impact in a world of noise, high activity, broader options and competing priorities are valuable skills, relevant for optimising opportunities both personally and professionally.

In this programme, participants will tackle genuine issues relating to maximising their influence and impact in a variety of contexts. In doing so, they will become attuned to the psychology of performance and the impact of mindset on thinking and behaviour. They experience the power of smart communication strategies and negotiation in being influential. They gain deeper insight in creating impact through their presence, values, power and managing unconscious bias. They also learn about the human interaction skills of dialogue, collaboration, and diversity.

This programme is a process. It is designed to work in 4 phases:

Icon representing engage phase of learning journey   ENGAGE – Involve stakeholders, establish context, practice tool and techniques

Icon representing workplace practice   WORKPLACE PRACTICE – Work with stakeholders to practice learned skills and tools

Leading across cultures 7   CONNECT AND REFLECT – Review progress, practise through role-play, refine understanding

Leading across cultures 6   CHANGE AND GROW – Sustain your change through continuing practice and feedback

Developing Influence and Impact Programme is immersive, relevant, practical, helping you focus on key things that will make a big difference to your influence and impact, enabling you to flourish.

This programme is a revamped design for our previous Personal Effectiveness and Power Programme.

Why this programme, now?

Our world of work is fast paced, busy, noisy and we compete for space and airtime. Changing work practices mean that communication and message needs to be thought about differently. In many ways the world has opened up. We have access to different voices, different messages, different approaches. and the pandemic has also given many the impetus to refresh their priorities. Amidst such noise and competition, how can we be heard? How can we have influence? How can we have impact?

Aspects of our personal lives have changed too. We have learnt about ourselves over the pandemic; what we are capable of, how strong we are, how determined we are, how resilient we are, what we value and what we want from life. Having influence and impact in our everyday lives enables us to plan, embrace and drive our personal change agendas.

Developing Influence and Impact programme focuses on understanding that our new world of work and life requires influential, impactful people who are brave and willing to have their voice and ideas heard. The Developing Influence and Impact programme develops the skills and knowledge of how to create space to step in and step up to have influence and manage challenges whether internal or external, allowing you to optimise your impact. Learning from each other and from expert facilitators, learners will leave the programme with the skills for creating space and being heard.

You’ll leave with

A broad understanding of key behaviours and conditions for creating influence and impact in a range of contexts.

Deeper knowledge of mindset, power, negotiation skills, unconscious bias awareness, and planning frameworks.

Interpersonal growth, through planning, practice and feedback, peer support, collaborative effort and relationship building.

Most important, a sense of personal growth, of renewed confidence and readiness for the challenges of the future!

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for anyone who wants to be more influential in their workplace or everyday context. Whether you are leading, managing or participating with others, if you want to have more impact in your interactions with others, you will benefit from this programme. Whether you are pitching or developing and idea or moving people though change or navigating change yourself, this programme can help you to grow in confidence and awareness of the key behaviours for influence and impact.

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Programme Outline

Developing Influence and Impact can be delivered as a face-to-face, blended or virtual programme.

The programme lasts for three days, then there is a 6 week application time, followed by a one day seminar to compare experiences, refine understanding and hone skills through further practice. The programme has three core tracks each spanning the entire process, with a clear context for attendance and how the programme relates to your contexts.

Organisational Context and Goals
Organisations are negotiating change in practices, stakeholder and staff expectations
Managers and leaders often lead and drive change initiatives across the organisation
Organisations need to build their network and enrich relationships with external stakeholders
Confidence levels of managers and leaders in their ability to influence key stakeholders can flux depending on the context, and need to develop skills to handle the complexities they face
Track 1: Personal SkillsTrack 2: Technical SkillsTrack 3: Relational Skills
Personal presence
Personal power
Mindset practice
Managing unconscious bias
Self-talk and banishing doubt
Reframing and perspective

Delivery and feedback
Strategy testing and refinement through scenario planning

Group dynamics
Relationship building, networking and stakeholder mapping
Dialogue, collaboration and problem solving
Negotiation Skills
Human value and competence in the digital world

Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout the programme, learners will engage with key stakeholders to clearly define their goals for the programme and track progress against these objectives. Stakeholders and learners will be surveyed at key points to review the impact they are making in the workplace. This feedback and stakeholder engagement will inform facilitated sessions, adding depth and  value to these interactions.

  • Each programme includes pre-work when you and your stakeholders will be asked to complete a review questionnaire focused on your development goals for the programme. This is done electronically, and results are shared with you to help focus your development.
  • During the programme another review will be sent to you and your stakeholders to identify the successes and challenges you have experienced so far and what should be focused on to continue improvement.
  • Following the programme, two final reviews will be sent over a period of five months, exploring progress over time and reflecting on growth during the programme.

Phase 1 – Engage

Prior to Phase 1, learners are asked to complete between 2-3 hours of pre-work. The most important part of this pre-work will be selecting and contacting stakeholders who will engage with learners across the programme, providing feedback and insight on their development and impact. This includes taking part in an online review questionnaire before the first live session that helps to develop a shared understanding of context and aims for the programme. Learners will then take this insight into their facilitated sessions.

Having established the context and priorities of the participants, Phase 1 of Developing Influence and Impact focuses on

  • Understanding mindset, barriers, and opportunities for influencing and creating impact and how to influence through communication to create a desired impact
  • Essential personal skills, including:
    Mindset awareness, personal values, creating presence, using personal power, psychological aspects of thinking and performance
  • Essential interpersonal skills and approaches, including:
    Communication skills, influencing approaches, motivating others, peer support and challenge, group dynamics and negotiation skills.

Finally, an active engagement plan is generated that aligns participants contexts and development priorities, giving clear development and performance objectives for Phase 2 of the process.

Phase 2 – Workplace Practice and Development

Phase 2 sees learners return to the workplace, ready to execute on the engagement plan formulated in Phase 1.

This will offer the chance to:

  • Engage with key stakeholders to support participant development and actioning of plan
  • Implement and gain feedback on those learning and action goals
  • Refine and improve practice, based on feedback
  • Complete a PULSE Engagement learning journal to aid reflection and to use as part of Phase 3 review process.

To support learners throughout this phase, we provide online curated material on a range of topics related to the programme, which we call Building Blocks. These are available to learners on demand, through their link to the Roffey Park Institute online platform.

Towards the end of this phase, learners and stakeholders will be asked to complete another online review of their progress so far and what they think is important to focus on in the next phase. This feedback will influence what happens in the reflect and connect sessions.

Phase 3 – Connect and Reflect

During this phase participants focus on sharing their experiences of their learning with programme peers. This brings opportunities for fresh perspectives, new insights, and new energy. A Roffey Park International faculty member will facilitate the Connect and Reflect phase which is designed to create time and space for participants to reflect on, practice and make sense of their experiences to date. Participants are invited to assess the positives and the challenges they have experienced in relation to their behaviour change and organisational impact.

Sessions in this phase are active, focused and fun – bringing a mix of energy and quiet space to enable participants to maximise their thinking and planning. You will be involved in discussion and inquiry with your programme peers as well as ideation and planning. This phase closes with the refinement of the Engagement Plan for the final phase of their journey.

Gaining the most from this phase requires energy, questioning, introspection, interest in others, openness to ideas, willingness to share highs and lows of your journey, creativity and imagination.

Phase 4 – Change and Grow

The final phase is focused on helping learners to create sustainable change and impact in their workplace context by embedding new behaviours, methods and thinking and add value to their organisation at different levels.

Learners will continue to work on their action plans to embed their learning and create impact. They will maintain engagement with stakeholders as they do this, applying good practices like communication, inquiry, seeking feedback and collecting evidence.

Learners will continue to work on their action plans to embed their learning and create impact. They will maintain engagement with stakeholders as they do this, applying good practices like communication, inquiry, seeking feedback and collecting evidence.

Gaining the most from this phase requires an attitude of continuous improvement, resilience, energy perspective, collaboration and an ability to share stories of success as well as challenge.


Developing Influence and Impact is delivered face-to-face, blended or virtual programme.

The face-to-face programme is 3 days held at our purpose-built academic training venue in Horsham, West Sussex. After 1-2 months, this is followed by one-day virtual session. Online sessions will begin at 09:00 (UK time).

June 2022 – Virtual

Session 1: 14 June 2022
Session 2: 15 June 2022
Session 3: 21 June 2022
Session 4: 22 June 2022
Session 5: 28 June 2022
Session 6: 29 June 2022
Session 7: 9 August 2022
Session 8: 10 August 2022

September 2022 – Face-to-Face

12 – 14 September 2022

Virtual Follow up

26 October 2022


Face-to-Face ProgrammeVirtual Programme

*The price is net of any chargeable VAT or GST
Fees also include accommodation and meals

*The price is net of any chargeable VAT or GST

We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact us to find out more

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