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Grow in confidence and develop the skills to have greater impact and influence at work.

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Work is no longer just about working 9-to-5 with a hierarchal structure and a physical base. It is fast-paced, busy and noisy as we compete for space and airtime to collaborate and get things done. Due to changing work practices, how we communicate needs to be thought about differently. Amidst such noise and competition, how can we be heard? How can we have influence? How can we have an impact?

Developing Influence and Impact focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary to influence and manage challenges within today’s organisations. During this course, participants will tackle genuine issues relating to maximising their influence and impact in a variety of contexts. In doing so they will become attuned to the psychology of performance and the impact of one’s mindset on thinking and behaviour.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to be more influential in their workplace or everyday context
  • Those that are leading, managing or collaborating with others and want to have more impact in their interactions
  • Those that are pitching or developing an idea, moving people through change or navigating change themselves
  • You will have increased confidence and greater awareness of the skills needed to improve your impact and influence in a variety of contexts
  • You will learn new behaviours and new ways of thinking through planning practice, feedback and peer support
  • You will learn the tools and frameworks which deepen the knowledge of the mind, power, negotiation skills and planning that you can implement immediately
  • You will develop an understanding of relational skills such as group dynamics, communication, relationship and stakeholder mapping and collaboration to solve problems and add value to the relationships that you form

Organisations remain in a state of flux as they grapple with change and ambiguity and they need leaders and managers who can influence and manage change resourcefully and effectively. This course develops your leaders and managers with the personal, technical and relational know-how to be more influential change agents, advocates and champions, therefore adding value to your organisation

Course Outline

  1. An initial three-day face-to-face or a six-half-day virtual course to develop the skills and knowledge you require to have greater impact and influence at work
  2. You then return to your workplace to apply your learning
  3. One month later, working together, your group and facilitator will share experiences, identify topics for practice and use various techniques to refine and improve your skills
  4. The final session is delivered virtually in two half-day sessions. By the end of this course, you will have improved your confidence and skills in order to sustain a greater impact back in your workplace
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Venue for Face-to-Face Courses

All face-to-face courses are held at Roffey Park’s purpose-built venue which is set in 40 acres of rural Sussex Countryside just five minutes from the M23 and 20 minutes from London Gatwick Airport & Crawley, 10 minutes from Horsham.


All virtual half-day sessions start at 9:00 UK Time

Virtual: September 2023

19 September 2023
20 September 2023
26 September 2023
27 September 2023
3 October 2023
4 October 2023
7 November 2023
5 December 2023


Face-to-Face ProgrammeVirtual Programme

*The price is net of any chargeable VAT
Face-to-Face course fees include accommodation, meals and materials.
We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact us to find out more.

We can also deliver Developing Influence and Impact as either an in-house programme for teams or as part of a wider, tailored development programme. For more information please contact us.

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