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Developing practical coaching skills for managers

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Manager as Coach is a management style that offers more flexibility and range in building relationships, developing staff, maximizing efficiency and productivity. It is about collaborating, working to build the strengths of your team, delegating more, talking less, listening more, and giving effective feedback. It is about engaging with others through questions and inquiry to elicit solutions and understand others at a deeper level which can lead to more empowering and high performing culture.

Our Manager as Coach Programme is highly interactive and experiential. It will enable you to understand the fundamental principles, purpose, limitations, and benefits of coaching as a management tool. Through our design you will practise coaching skills for managers that will transform how you communicate, interact grow your team. This approach develops staff, enhances team cohesion and supports productivity.

You’ll leave with

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Practical coaching skills for managers that will transform your management style

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An understanding of coaching models and processes and how to use these in practice

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Knowing how to use coaching skills to develop and build a high performing team

image of the number 4

The confidence to start practising coaching skills immediately

This programme is for you if…

  • you manage a team
  • you are moving into a position where you will be managing a team
  • you collaborate within or across teams
  • want to empower others to get the best possible results organisationally and individually
  • you want to develop stronger and better relationships with team members and stakeholders
  • you are ready to transform into an inspiring and empowering manager

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At the end of Manager as Coach, you will be able to

  1. Understand the fundamental principles, purpose, limitations, and benefits of effective coaching as a management skill.
  1. Use coaching skills to communicate with others across different levels of the organisation.
  1. Use coaching skills to understand people in a different way, deepen trust, unlock the potential of others’ potential and inspire growth. 
  1. Understand the importance of creating the right environment and support for team members to stretch and grow.

Organisations can only succeed because of the collective performance of their people. Coaching for Managers can maximise individual and team performance, increase productivity and innovation and improves relationships across the organisation.

Programme Outline

The Manager as Coach programme consists of seven modules. 

Each module in the online programme comprises two 90-minute sessions facilitated live with a 30 minute break in between.

To maximise their learning experience, participants are asked to practise their learning and coaching skills on a regular basis.

The last two modules are Action Learning Sets, each of 90 minutes duration. These support participants to share, think and plan an approach to genuine workplace challenges.   

Diagram showing modules for Manager as Coach programme

Module 1: Using a coaching approach for individual, team and organisational excellence

Introduces the programme, coaching and the benefits for manager as coach within an organisational context. Key areas covered include:

  • The purpose and cornerstones of using a coaching approach in management
  • Similarities and differences with other forms of support
  • Benefits for an organisation, limits and boundaries.

Module 2: Connect to your inner manager as coach

During this module participants become more familiar with coaching models and processes and introduces the first coaching skill of listening. Areas covered include:
• Analyse and review a specific coaching model or process
• Assess it based on the coaching cornerstones, and decide how it should be followed when formally coaching
• Practise how to better listen, self-manage, and feed back

Module 3: Connect to others through curiosity, conversation and creativity

In module three participants practise coaching skills that will help them engage with others in fast, effective and deep ways. Key areas covered include:

• Practising coaching skills linked to curiosity to deepen communication with others in everyday situations
• Tapping into their own playfulness as a way to create lightness and trust in relationships with others

Module 4: Re-framing the context to your advantage

During this module, participants practise coaching skills that will help them reframe problems and find new ways to approach challenges.

Key areas covered include:
• Approaching a situation or a problem from new and different perspectives
• Help others do the same

Module 5: Enabling others’ potential

This module presents the very last coaching skill which focuses on those that help others feel acknowledged, seen, challenged and empowered. Key areas covered include:
• Making others feel acknowledged, seen and championed
• Hold others to account and challenge them to reach higher goals

Module 6: Embed the learning

This module is a fully practical one, that looks at successfully embedding the learning we have acquired so far, into our day-to-day lives, inside and outside our homes, teams and organisations. Key areas covered include:

• Use coaching skills for daily interactions
• Present a case to your current organisation to explain the necessity of exploring the expectations and boundaries of a coaching or mentoring programme with all stakeholders.
• Identify the real benefits of and barriers to coaching in your organisation

In this module there will be an opportunity to record a session of 15 minutes in which each participant uses all the coaching skills learnt within this programme. Participants will be able to review it with a certified coach, who can give individual feedback to strengthen participants’ coaching skills.

Module 7: Bringing coaching to teams and organisations

This last module uses everything learnt up until now in order to ask the participant to critically assess an external coach as well as a coaching contract. Key areas covered include:

• Critically review the elements required for effective coaching (including knowledge, skills, behaviour and communication skills of an effective coach), evaluation and supervision.
• Analyse the rationale for and the characteristics of effective contracting within coaching, and review the coach’s responsibilities

Dates and Fees

Icon representing modules

Seven modules

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Each module consists of two 90-minute sessions

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Delivered over a seven week period

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Facilitated live

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Receive a Roffey Park Certificate of Attendance

March 2022
Launch and Module 1 – 7 March 2022
Module 2 – 10 March 2022
Module 3 – 11 March 2022
Module 4 – 14 March 2022
Module 5 – 17 March 2022
Module 6 (ALS) – 18 March 2022
Module 7 (ALS) – 28 March 2022

Online Sessions will begin at 09:00 (UK Time). Check your local time here

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We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact our client services to find out more

COVID-19 Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic Roffey Park Institute is currently only taking bookings for online programmes. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and plan to offer face to face programmes from Autumn 2021 if government restrictions are lifted. We are also able to offer a range of facilitated, online learning modules on in-house or bespoke basis, please contact us to find out more.

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