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Successful leadership starts with yourself.

The core skills effective leaders require to master success are
self-awareness, influencing and communication. Do you know how to influence stakeholders? Can you engage with meaning and purpose? Do you know how to create a collaborate environment and bring out the best in people?

These are essential skills for any leadership role so if you’re considering a career change or upskilling for a promotion, then this course is for you. This is a WSQ funded course. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible for subsidies and self-sponsored funding and company funded options are available.

In today’s environment leaders face many challenges and having a foundation in understanding leadership styles, behaviour strategies to manage unpredictable circumstances, problem solving and leading with action are essential. Roffey Park Institute’s Leadership Insights programme draws upon global leadership practices and adopts an international perspective and learning experience. This leadership development programme covers a range of key leadership themes and provides strategic insights with practical application and scenarios to enhance critical skills and knowledge for aspiring and/or emerging leaders.

You’ll leave with

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You will know your predominate leadership style and have an increased understanding of what it takes to be a leader

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You will learn about emotional intelligence by being more self-aware and understanding of others and how to develop your network

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Learn how to have more presence, know your influencing style and know how to leverage it

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Understand organisational strategy and the impact it has on leaders and managing a team and organisation.

This course is for you if…

  • You have three years or more managerial or supervisor experience
  • You are an aspiring leader looking to understand how to better engage your peers, teams or even stakeholders
  • You are a line manager and want to further develop your leaderships skills
  • You are in mid-career transition or looking for progression

The course has high energy level, provides examples to give better context and understanding of the different leadership style and knowing where to work on and strive towards to.

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At the end of our Leadership Insights programme, you will be able to:

  • Develop core skills in leadership, emotional intelligence and influencing skills that can help you manage and communicate with people to get things done
  • Understand your impact and effectiveness as a leader
  • Understand how to adapt your leadership behaviour so that others follow willingly
  • Be able to motivate, engage and gain buy-in from other people

Research consistently finds that an organisation’s strategic and financial success is strongly linked to the quality of its leaders. By developing your understanding of leadership and building your skills and knowledge to be a more effective leader, you contribute to improving performance and impact for yourself and the people you lead.

  • Roffey Park Institute has a 75-year track record of teaching and program development
  • International perspective of leadership developed internationally with support from Roffey Park Institute research
  • Roffey Park Institute group dynamics learning approach and blended learning experience – interactive lectures, online learning platform, group discussions, reflection, pair sharing
  • Statement of Attainment – WSQ issued certificate

Programme Outline

Module 1 – Mapping leadership theory and practice

Learners will map out the field of leadership theories,
styles, behaviours, and mindsets and explore how to
lead organisational initiatives and strategic direction by
aligning leadership with individual and team tasks. The
module develops an understanding of the importance of
modelling the leadership and the behaviours expected of
their teams.

Module 2 – What is the task of leadership?

Learners will be able to differentiate leadership from
management and to understand how to adapt their
leadership to resolve the challenges they face.

Module 3 – Emotional Intelligence

Learners will focus on the importance of emotional
intelligence to both individual and organisational success.
Understanding self-awareness and its relationship to
others is key to recognising how different emotions affect
behaviours and the impact they have.

Module 4 – Influencing

Learners will be able to distinguish between passive,
assertive and aggressive behaviour and learn how to
harness their personal power to be more influential.

Modules 5 and 6 – Leadership presence

Over the course of two modules, learners will explore the
role of presence and leadership effectiveness using voice,
breath, and posture.

Module 7 – Network of influence

Learners will develop an understanding of the complexity
of the number and types of relationships to develop
a network perspective that will foster and enhance
leadership success.

Module 8 – Understanding and aligning the

Learners will look at the organisation’s perspective of
leadership to understand the importance of, internal
strategy and performance and how they are aligned to an
organisation’s overall strategy

Module 9 – Motivation: aligning to vision and values

Learners will develop an understanding of motivation
theory and understand how energy, optimism, and
attitude creates infectious leadership and what to do to
inspire and engage those around them to get things done.

Module 10 – Corporate governance and CSR

Learners will explore the systems and processes
that are present within their organisation so they can
contribute to corporate governance and corporate social

Module 11 – Storytelling

Learners will appreciate how the power of storytelling
can be linked to credibility, authenticity, and trust.
Underpinned by Roffey Park Institute’s own research
model, this practical session looks at the role of stories
in the workplace and how to communicate stories in a
powerful and compelling way.

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning will include additional readings and
resources as well as topics such as Why Should anyone
be led by you? Where learners will reflect on their own
characteristics of influencing others and, Strategy – Where
learners will develop an understanding of the leader’s
role in strategy and how external factors may affect an
organisation’s strategy

Programme Dates and Fees

  • Classroom – the programme is delivered as a two and a half day programme with self-directed learning prior and throughout the duration of the course.
Dates for 2022
Course dates :

July 2022 Intake
21 Jul 2022 – 9:00am – 6:00pm (Face to face)
22 Jul 2022 – 9:00am – 6:00pm (Face to face)
25 Jul 2022 – 9:00am – 6:00pm (self directed / e-learning)
(Self-directed learning modules to be done prior and throughout the duration of the course)

Workbook assessment due date : 3 Aug 2022
Oral Presentation : 5 Aug 2022

Programme Fees

$740 +GST$74 +GST$370 +GST$74 +GST$290 +GST
Full course feeCourse fee after
funding for Singaporean
and PR in SMEs
Course fee after
funding for Singaporean and PR
in non-SMEs
Course fee after funding
for Singaporean age 40 and above in SMEs
Course fee after funding
for Singaporean age 40 and above in non-SMEs

How to Contact Us

To find out more about the programme please telephone +65 6386 0590, email us.