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Clear Leadership is a collaborative leadership programme which is based on the globally renowned work of Dr Gervase Bushe, providing a powerful set of skills that empowers leaders to think and behave collaboratively.  This course will transform your leadership, emotional intelligence, self-reflection, and communication skills and provide you with the possibility to achieve relational mastery. Participants are offered both a well-integrated set of skills to make them more effective leaders and, for those who are ready, to challenge themselves and make a developmental leap to the next level of their growth. No other leadership course offers the opportunity for such a large step in vertical development in such a short period of time.

Clear Leadership will allow you to show up differently at work and in your personal life by giving you a new, unique perspective on: The underlying social and psychological processes that keep you trapped in unsatisfying and unproductive relationships.  Understand why well-intentioned people who want to collaborate pull the rug out from underneath themselves and get in their own way.  Focus on the personal choices leaders and professionals have to make if they want to sustain real partnerships where everyone feels responsible for the success of their common purpose.

This programme is for you

  • You are a middle to senior leader who wants to develop a collaborative leadership approach
  • You are working in an organisation structure which relies on increased collaboration and want to understand how to lead successfully in this environment
  • You are a senior HR or OD professional who wants to develop your organisation’s culture so that it is centred on a collective purpose
  • Understand how to handle difficult conversations with ease and turn conflicts into positive learning experiences
  • Be able to lead with more confidence and clarity
  • Improve your self-awareness so you can make informed choices on what to say or do as a leader
  • Improve your leadership influence and communication approach so you are clearer about the expectations you have of yourself and others
  • Be more confident in resolving conflict and differences in order to work more effectively with others
  • Understand how to create an inclusive environment within your team, function or organisation

Collaborative working is crucial in today’s modern organisation. Success is no longer just about the individual, it’s about tapping into the collective potential of all to solve problems, innovate and work together towards a common purpose.  Clear Leadership enables your leaders to understand how to ensure the people they lead are fully engaged in real partnership and to create an inclusive environment where everyone can learn from the team’s collective experience.

This was an intensive and enriching personal development experience. I appreciated the variation in large group work, small group work and working with learning partners. I valued the people I was learning with and the transparency of our conversations. My personal experience was a developmental shift and an increasing understanding of self with greater clarity of what had been on my mental map but out of my awareness. For the first time in my life I saw a pattern that I hadn’t spotted before and became acutely aware of the impact that had on my daily being.

Caroline Mabey, Royal Free London NHS Foundation TrustP

Programme outline

The online programme consists of nine modules.

Each module in the online programme consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions facilitated live with a 30 minute break in between.

In-between modules

Participants are asked to consolidate their learning and practise the skills of clear leadership on a daily basis.

Week 1: The Aware Self

One of the keys of clear leadership is self-awareness, specifically, the ability to be aware of your experience in the moment. The skills of the Aware Self will help you become clear about what your experience is

Key areas covered include:

  • How we can become aware of our true experience
  • Using clear language to convey our experience
  • Being able to speak in the here and now

Week 2: The Descriptive Self

The ability to describe your experience in a way that builds partnership and collaboration

Key areas covered include:

  • How to be transparent but not intimate
  • Making statements before asking questions
  • Describing the impact others have had before responding
  • Describing experiences rather than judgments

Week 3: The Appreciative and Curious Selves

How to build from a positive and help others to be clear about their experience

Key areas covered include:

  • Appreciative mind-set
  • Tracking and fanning
  • Aligning with positive intent
  • Parking reactions
  • Confronting for insight
  • Deep listening

Week 4: Taking the Skills to Work

How to implement Clear Leadership, particularly with those who have not undertaken the course

  • How to have learning conversations
  • Key concepts for non-experts
  • Mediating conversations
  • Facilitating groups with Clear Leadership

Between weeks four and five you will have the opportunity to apply your leaning within your organisation with the support of other participants.  This will help to consolidate the practice and identify your key strengths and challenges.

Week 5: Integration in Making it Real

A chance to review the practical application of clear Leadership:

Key areas include:

  • Your key strengths
  • What challenges you face
  • Support from your facilitator and others to help you implement Clear Leadership fully in your working life

Throughout the programme there will be the opportunity for facilitated skills practice.  Some of these will be recorded so that you can review, with a facilitator,  your skills and better understand the impact you have.

Dates and Fees

  • Online – There are nine modules in the programme, each one consists of 2 x 90 minute sessions facilitated live with a 30 minute break in between.
  • Sessions will begin at 09:00 (UK time). Check your local time here
Dates for Online ProgrammeFee
January 2022
Module 1: 10 May 2022
Module 2: 13 May 2022
Module 3: 17 May 2022
Module 4: 20 May 2022
Module 5: 24 May 2022
Module 6 :27 May 2022
Module 7: 30 May 2022
Module 8: 1 June 2022
Module 9: 29 June 2022

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COVID-19 Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic Roffey Park Institute is currently only taking bookings for virtual programmes. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and plan to offer face to face programmes in early 2022. We are also able to offer a range of facilitated, online learning modules on in-house or bespoke basis, please contact us to find out more.

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