Strategic Middle Management

Balancing operational management with delivering strategic change

Strategic Middle Management 2

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Strategic Middle Management is a three-day programme which provides an overview of strategic leadership and complexity and what you need to know and understand, as well as the essential skills required to be successful in this role.

This programme is for you if…

  • you are an experienced middle manager who wants to develop their effectiveness and performance as a leader in preparation for senior management responsibilities
  • you are an aspiring middle manager who wants to build on their experience of managing a team to developing the leadership skills required to lead managers of teams
  • you are a leader or head of function who wants to be more effective at translating strategy into actions.
  • Greater understanding of the middle management role in achieving organisational success
  • Improved understanding of strategic leadership in a dynamic, complex organisational environment
  • Increased self-awareness of your impact as a middle manager, your strengths and development areas
  • Improved knowledge of organisational power and politics and how to work with conflict
  • An appreciation of complexity and how to lead effectively in a complex environment.

On completing Strategic Middle Management, your leader will

  • Have a clearer understanding of how they can add further value to their organisation by operating more strategically and be more able to contribute and engage in the strategic process
  • Have a broader understanding of how to handle complexity and the collaborative skills needed to drive performance
  • Be more a more effective and confident leader in their central role as the link between strategy and operation

Programme Outline

Day 1: The Role of the Middle Manager

We’ll explore what it means for those in leadership roles who need to balance taking responsibility for operations with implementing strategic change from the top. You’ll develop your ability to remain resourceful under pressure and increase your awareness on how to be more effective as a leader.

Day 2: What Is Strategy and Strategic Thinking?

We’ll explore approaches to developing strategy and thinking strategically in an environment that is complex and ambiguous. We’ll outline some practical tools and techniques to influence senior leaders that will improve your ability to guide decision-making rather than just being a pair of hands to implement change.

Day 3: Leading with Impact

On the final day we’ll explore what this means for your approach to leadership. We’ll explore collaborative and dialogic approaches to leadership, political savviness and broad organisational engagement.

Programme details

Strategic Middle Management is a three-day programme which covers:

  • The role of the middle manager
  • The unique challenges of being truly effective at leading strategic change whilst managing day-to-day operations.
  • What is strategy and strategic thinking?
  • An overview of strategic leadership and approaches to developing strategy, how to influence upwards and communicate strategy downwards
  • How to lead effectively in a middle management role
  • Collaborative and dialogic approaches to leadership and how to engage your team and the wider organisation to deliver what is required

Programme Duration

  • Three day programme
  • Sessions will begin at 9am (GMT).

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