Practical Facilitation Skills Course

A facilitation skills training course which enables groups to work together more effectively.

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Group working is an essential part of organisational life and its effectiveness is often dependent on the facilitator running them. As a facilitator, you will help a group to share their knowledge, explore issues, generate ideas, solve problems and develop outcomes.

Our Practical Facilitation Skills Course is a comprehensive and real-world course aimed at enabling participants to understand the skills required in the role of facilitator. With group practice sessions you will learn to understand group dynamics, how to pre-plan and be flexible “in the moment”. You will gain an understanding of the facilitation skills that you need to use to enable groups to work together to achieve their goals.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at:

  • Line managers who want to enable their teams to be more productive and effective
  • HR, OD or L&D professionals or change agents who want to become more effective with groups to get results, drive change and improve delivery
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of facilitation skills in practice
  • You will build an awareness of multiple approaches to facilitation skills
  • You will be able to plan and deliver a facilitation session
  • You will be confident to skillfully and knowledgeably intervene in difficult situations

Organisations need effective facilitation to harness the productivity of groups, enabling them to focus and achieve their common purpose. As a result of this course, participants will have greater confidence and impact as a facilitator of groups. They will be able to overcome difficulties within a group to ensure that conversations are not derailed by conflict, politics or power dynamics

Course Outline

  1. Two-day face-to-face or three-half-day virtual course that covers the skills and knowledge you require to be an effective facilitator
  2. This course is highly practical using real examples and academic models
  3. The course cohort will act as your group allowing for quick peer feedback from practice sessions. Helping you understand your impact and giving you the opportunity to practise your methods and approaches in a supportive learning environment
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We can deliver the Practical Facilitation Skills Course as either an in-house programme for teams or as part of a wider, tailored development programme.

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