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Essential Management Skills has been designed to equip managers with the critical tools and interpersonal skills that are essential for effective management of people, processes and performance, and for supporting personal development and growth.

It is an interactive management development programme that comprises six modules focusing on the management of people. The core areas covered in this programme include the introduction to management skills, utilising coaching as a management tool, building trust and providing effective feedback. The programme also focuses on utilising delegation and influencing as two skills of empowering others and why it is important for line managers to manage their own energy and time.

As a result, Essential Management Skills provides the essential managers toolkit for people to refresh or hone their craft in an increasingly fast-paced, inter-generational and digital workplace.

This programme is for you if

  • You are a newly appointed line manager who would like to understand the crucial professional management skills required to be effective.
  • You have some line management experience and want to further develop and enhance your professional management skills.

At the end of Essential Management Skills, you will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between management and leadership as well as the key responsibilities of a manager
  • Understand successful management practice in relation to people, processes and performance
  • Know how to manage yourself as well as your team

Effective, agile and humane management of people is critical to how increasingly diverse organisations adapt to change, function and thrive. The ethos of progressive and inclusive management is the fundamental pillar of this Essential Management Skills programme leading to increased engagement, improved retention, and productivity, in an increasingly diverse workforce and agile environment.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Management, the manager’s role and responsibilities

The first module in the programme introduces participants to the concepts of contemporary management and explores the differences between management and leadership. Participants then explore managerial responsibilities with an emphasis on understanding relationships between management success, people development, performance management and efficient process execution.

Module 2: Managing performance and people development

Managing performance is a fundamental aspect of management practice. This module will explore the performance management cycle and the key role and responsibilities of a manager within it. It will also offer a range of support tools to manage difficult conversations both within a performance management framework and in other settings.

Module 3: Building constructive relationships

This module focuses on the importance of relationships and trust as two fundamental pillars of effective, humane and inclusive management. Content includes effective communication and listening, as well as giving and receiving feedback. Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of coaching as a management style with opportunities to practise, give and receive feedback on coaching skills.

Module 4: Managing teams and team development

Module 4 introduces the concept of dialogue as well as the concept of high performing teams. Participants will consider the difference between a group and a team and discuss various stages of team development. The module concludes by exploring the importance of group dynamics and the role of the manager in building team success and team cohesion.

Module 5: Managing yourself

This module focuses on the importance of managing self; one’s own time, energy, focus and motivation whilst managing others. It builds on a manager’s self-awareness and habits of self-care and provides a practical tool for assessing and prioritising effort.

Module 6: Innovation and creativity in people and process management

The final module in the programme highlights the connection between the management of people and the management of organisational processes and the tensions and contradictions that managers must navigate. Participants are introduced to the growth mindset model as a tool to engage teams in both short term and long-term success.

Programme Dates and Fees

  • Online – Six 90 minute learning modules. Online sessions will begin at 09:00 (UK time). Check your local time here
Dates for online programmeFee
September 2021
Module 1: 14 September 2021
Module 2: 15 September 2021
Module 3: 21 September 2021
Module 4: 22 September 2021
Module 5: 28 September 2021
Module 6: 29 September 2021

January 2022
Module 1: 13 January 2022
Module 2: 14 January 2022
Module 3: 20 January 2022
Module 4: 21 January 2022
Module 5: 27 January 2022
Module 6: 28 January 2022

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