HR Matters Forum – The role of internal consultancy in business change.

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Most organisations are asking questions about the future of their operations due the effects of the pandemic.  For some the last 18 months have seen huge growth and opportunity, for others it’s been about getting through it and surviving. Let’s face it: Even without a pandemic to contend with, change and transformation is challenging. No matter how sophisticated your plans, initiatives fail because of a myriad of reasons from lack of buy-in, change exhaustion through to not tapping into the DNA of your organisation.

And in the middle of this is you, the internal change consultant – a role that must rank as one of the trickiest in an organisation. 

Being part of the organisation brings both advantages and disadvantages: whilst having a strong understanding of prevailing cultural norms, internal agents may also be ‘blind’ to them. With often only their own personal power and influence as tools, internal consultants may also fail to account for the extent to which they contribute to sustaining the culture, which they hope to change.  At the same time you need to balance being “one of the team” in one hand to “internal consultant” in the other.

Join us at our next HR Matters event on 17 November 2021 from 8.30am to 10.30am (UK Time). 

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Our discussion will focus on the role of the internal consultant in facilitating business change. At this event you will:

  • Revisit seminal research undertaken by Roffey Park in 2003 and considered what has changed through updated insights.
  • hear and learn about each other’s successes and experiences in a facilitated discussion forum
  • take away practical tools for more effective internal consultancy
  • explore the pros and cons of internal vs external consultants


This is a free of charge forum for HR, L&D and OD professionals. To reserve your place, complete the booking form.

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HR Matters Forum
Revitalising your People in Extraordinary Times

At Roffey Park Institute, we can support, develop, and help HR Senior Leaders and their teams, as they learn from their experiences over the past 12 months and forge the way forward for HR professionals as the post COVID-19 world of work begins to emerge.

From our work with HR, L&D and OD professionals over many years, we know that HR and related professionals appreciate meeting and networking with their peers who are facing similar challenges.  Our regular HR Matters events provide the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn together.

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