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HR Business Partner Skills is a practical programme that will help you develop the mindset of an effective business partner as well as the skills, behaviour, and tools you need to enhance your approach.  We focus on how you build your relationships and influence your business partners so that you evolve your own, unique HR business partnering formula.  The programme design meets a range of learning needs from those who are junior HR business partner through to those new in a senior position.

This course is for you if

  • You have got experience as an HR business partner, but wish to evolve your skillset or develop a broader approach
  • You are from a centre of expertise and need to understand it from an HR perspective
  • You want to shift the way you operate further along the continuum from HR manager to a business partner and increase the value you add to your stakeholders
  • You need to get a ‘seat at the table’ and be more confident, credible, and influential at the pan-organisational level
  • You are looking to be more strategic, commercially savvy and less operational and transactional

This programme is flexible enough to accommodate your needs whether you have a generalist or centre of expertise partnering background.

At the end of HR Business Partner Skills, you will be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the HR business partner role and what a commercial and strategic business partner looks and feels like
  • Develop your skill and confidence in demonstrating leadership and the ability to influence others using a range of approaches and HR/data analytics
  • Have a greater understanding of how to think systemically and how OD can add value to the HR business partnering role
  • Build skills in conducting challenging conversations and navigating organisational politics

Business partners combine strategic business capability with excellence in the delivery of the day-to-day. Successful business partners work with leaders to shape, steer and advise on people related issues and help them translate strategy into action.  This programme develops the confidence, mindset and capabilities of HR business partners so they are more effective at working across the business.

There are plenty of professional management tools introduced during the three days’ workshop. They helped me a lot on how to convince and influent our stakeholders. Real actors simulations impressive me very much, in which I can practice learned skills into this session. I can apply these learned methodology and tools to add HRBP’s value

Jane Yang, Nestle China

Programme Outline

HR Business Partner Skills consists of 10 learning modules, a half day experiential module with professional business role players plus a 90 minute follow-up session 8 weeks after the last module has been completed.

The online programme is facilitated live over the course of six half days, each one comprising two 90 minute sessions with a 30 minute break in between. Two modules per day are delivered on days 1-5 with an experiential module on day 6. The classroom programme is delivered as a three-day programme. Both online and classroom programmes include a 90 minute follow up session, held online, in which participants track how they have embedded the learning from the programme.

Module 1: The essential elements of HR business partnering

Articulate the role of the HR business partner and how it adds value to their organisation.

Module 2: Putting the business first

Articulate their organisation’s business model and understand how to engage in commercial conversations.

Module 3: The steps to a partnership approach

Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of operating as an expert and ‘hired hands’ versus a business partner.  Describe the five stages of working as a business partner and how this approach supports sustainable change.

Module 4: Speaking truth to power

Define the components of influence and influencing behaviours.  Understand how to tailor their approach to increase impact and effectiveness in influencing a stakeholder.

Module 5: Coaching approach

Define coaching and how coaching conversations add value to the HR business partner role.  Describe how to conduct a coaching conversation and understand the effective use of questioning and listening.

Module 6: Working with politics, power and conflict

Demonstrate how to make effective use of sources of power and how to navigate a political environment. Understand how to demonstrate a different mindset and approach to addressing conflict.

Module 7: Thinking strategically as a business partner

Describe what it is to think strategically, how this differs from working operationally and identify how to leverage more strategic conversations with selected stakeholders.

Module 8: Influential data analytics

Articulate how to use data analytics to increase the value you add as a HR business partner. Identify how to analyse and interpret HR data to influence behaviour and decision making.

Module 9: Enabling change

Identify how to have a greater impact with change initiatives and the respective benefits of different approaches to change management.

Module 10: Developing the organisation

Describe how organisational redesign and restructuring increases an organisation effectiveness. Have a greater awareness of how to think systemically about internal structures, processes and relationships and the linkages between them. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of organisational development and design.

Module 11: HR business partnering in practice

After completing all modules, you will leave the programme having demonstrated your own, unique style and approach as an HR business partner.

This experiential workshop is an opportunity for you to incorporate your learning into a scenario that you will rehearse with a professional business actor, in the guise of a stakeholder of your choice. You will gain the opportunity to practice different ways of operating in safety and to enhance your impact with the support of others in the group who also develop from being part of the process.  Many participants state that this is the session where their learning ‘falls into place’ and they build the confidence to behave differently.

Module 12: Follow up session

So often we disregard a new approach if we don’t get it ‘right first time’.   The 90-minute follow up gives you the opportunity to reflect and learn from your experience of enacting your scenario for real, to abstract the success and make adjustments, if needed.

Face to Face Dates and Fees

HR Business Partner Skills is delivered face-to-face, onsite at Roffey Park in Horsham UK including accommodation.

The face-to-face programme is 3 days


Face-to-Face Programme Virtual

*The price is net of any chargeable VAT or GST

October 2022 – Face-to-Face

Day 1:10 October 2022
Day 2:11 October 2022
Day 3:12 October 2022

January 2023 – Virtual

Session 1: 11 January 2023
Session 2: 13 January 2023
Session 3: 16 January 2023
Session 4: 18 January 2023
Session 5: 20 January 2023
Session 6: 25 January 2023
Session 7: 1 March 2023

We offer a limited number of discounted places to registered charities, please contact our client services to find out more