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Roffey Park Institute announces a new collaboration with Singapore University of Management (SMU)

Roffey Park 7th June 2022

We’re delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Singapore University of Management’s The SMU Academy, the professional training arm of the Singapore University of Management.

The collaboration between SMU, who are at the forefront of supporting organisations in Singapore to meet their reskilling goals, and Roffey Park Institute, an international centre of excellence in organisational development – provides an exciting opportunity for OD professionals to receive an accredited, Advanced Certificate in Organisational Development.    

Organisation Development (OD) is an increasingly influential field of practice in the Singapore public service and private sector, even more so right now when organisations need to respond quickly to change and transformation and develop a high performing culture across their organisation. The new Advanced Certificate in Organisational Development develops the skills, knowledge and practice of OD that enable learners to make an immediate impact in their workplace.

“Change is the only constant in today’s VUCA environment.”

SMU Academy is delighted to collaborate with Roffey Park Institute to develop the Advanced Certificate in Organisation Development programme. This 6-module programme aims to equip business leaders and professionals with the skills to facilitate change in organisations through a holistic and humanistic approach that puts people at the heart of the process. We hope that by leveraging on Roffey Park’s rich research and experience, we will be able to prepare and empower today’s workforce with the competencies and career resilience required for this era of disruption.

– Jack Lim, Executive Director, SMU Academy

“All organisations are human systems.”

Post-COVID, we have seen an increase in global demand for organisational development (OD) practitioners. This demand is being driven by the understanding of OD is a strategic function much larger than HR. It’s a vital practice supporting the reinvention of organisations to work within our new reality. All organisations are human systems, and we need to apply an OD lens to diagnose, analyse and create effective and innovative solutions for the future. We are very happy to work with SMU on this Advance Certificate in Organisational Development in Singapore. It is an intensely practical course that will revolutionise the way you think about organisations and how you approach problems within your industry.

George Kunnath – Director of Open Learning

The Advanced Certificate in Organisational Development, a 6-module programme, is open for registration now.

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